Cattivi pensieri

Grafite su metacrilato, alluminio


100 x 70 cm

Unique work


Disegno realizzato su lastra ovale di metacrilato con borchie di alluminio in rilievo.

Matteo Gatti was born in 1989 in Olgiate Olona, lives and works in Turin. His research develops around the overcoming of the centrality of the human being, with works that are the result of interventions of hybridization of natural and cultural elements. In the drawings made by the artist, the flow of consciousness leads to free associations, in a state of permanent dialectic that celebrates the conflict between opposite elements such as monstrous / seductive, artificial / natural, human / non-human, contemporary / archaic, macroscopic / microscopic, rational / irrational, sentimental / bestial, real / imaginary.