Giuramenti campestri

Acrylic on canvas


42 x 82 cm

Unique work


Dipinto realizzato ad acrilico su tela, con cornice dipinta.

Pietro Di Corrado (nato nel 1995 a Comiso, vive e lavora a Milano).

The world outlined by Pietro Di Corrado expresses both a contemporaneity rich in visual stimuli that follow one another impetuously and another temporality, in which personal memories and affections emerge linked to a more intimate and rarefied dimension. In the artist's works the balance between these contrasts is obtained, characterized by chromatic and compositional harmony that is combined with a narrative levity oriented towards irony and divertissement.

In the paintings, a spatiality that hybridizes several modes of representation of depth, from perspective to axonometry, is associated with flat backgrounds, leading to a stylization of reality that becomes metaphysics, a space of the mind in which memories, present perceptions and future aspirations. Architecture, figures and objects become abstract forms, sorts of magical symbols that lead to an alternative space-time in which the most diverse references can be intertwined.

In Pietro Di Corrado's works the fusion of contemporary and remote memory leads to the creation of a continuous, ironic, cultured, non-sense and strictly autobiographical storytelling.