Candy Snake Gallery is a gallery with a fresh and experimental attitude, committed to the promotion of emerging art.

Focusing on the new trends in contemporary art, the gallery intends to facilitate collecting with presentation methods that favor the pleasure of knowing and collecting the art of the present.

Candy Snake Gallery is rooted in a present that is increasingly permeated by digital, focusing at the same time on physical space and on the web, in fact the works available are visible on the website, on instagram and in the physical location of the gallery.

The selection of artists focuses mainly on the new generations, focusing on young people who in their works express the present with a vital language, permeated by the current visual culture.

Inspired by a work by Pietro Di Corrado entitled Cotton Candy Snake, the name Candy Snake wants to express a positive vision of desire without giving up.

The headquarters of the Candy Snake Gallery, located in Milan in the Isola district, hosts a group exhibition alternating with focuses on individual artists.

In addition, Candy Snake Gallery organizes exhibitions in other places in collaboration with different realities.


Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi 6 – 20159 Milano

From Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm to 7 pm

Tel +39 380 5245917

VAT 02250000201

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