Dario Baroli, Daniele Carpi, Ilaria Fasoli, Emanuele Ferretti, Matteo Gatti, Naomi Gilon, Carlos Hache, Bogdan Koshevoy, Margaux Laurens-Neel, Andrea Luzi, Camilla Rocchi, Andrea Samory, Diego Soldà, Dorotea Tocco

From 15 December 2022 to 21 January 2023

Opening: Thursday 15 December 2022, 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Candy Snake Gallery

Candy Snake Gallery presents Chimera, a collective exhibition that brings together the works of emerging and mid-career artists of different generations, ranging from figurative and abstract painting to drawing and sculpture. A selection of artists' multiples and works on A4 format paper will also be exhibited. Like a chimera that hybridises several different genetic lines, the project combines different modes of expression, opening up to unexpected associations.

Detailed and enigmatic, the drawings by Dario Baroli (born in 1993 in Magenta, lives and works in Milan) combine different suggestions linked to transcendence, from science fiction writings to early 19th century peasant religious beliefs. Extraterrestrial figures merge with human hands that refer to the gestures used in the treatment of diseases by the white witches present in rural culture.

In his works Daniele Carpi (born in 1976 in Chiavenna, lives and works in Como) follows a process of accumulation and subtraction to bring to light the constant comparison between the impermanence of reality and the abstraction of definitions. By juxtaposing heterogeneous elements he tries to assemble a "symbolic object" which includes together: unstable perceptive stimuli and rules of composition, unexpected changes and points of balance.

The paintings of Ilaria Fasoli (born in 1992 in Venice, where she lives and works) present details of bodies and fabrics, ambiguous images that suggest different possible meanings and metaphors. The seductive rhythm of the folds of the fabrics seems to merge with the body, in an enigmatic representation that shows and hides at the same time.

Drawing inspiration from the more everyday urban street style, Emanuele Ferretti (born in 1981 in Correggio, lives and works in Milan) presents a series of portraits of characters from planets parallel to the Earth, in which, as in a casting, individuals exhibit a personal form of alternative beauty, without hiding their history, habits and moods.

In his works Matteo Gatti (born in 1989 in Olgiate Olona, lives and works in Turin) hybridizes natural and cultural elements, using materials of a heterogeneous nature. In Matteo Gatti's drawings, fragments of reality are united in a narrative through images that provide an alternative, playful and enigmatic vision of everyday life and the contemporary visual flow.

Drawing inspiration from some forms of popular culture such as science fiction, horror cinema and mythology, in her works Naomi Gilon (born in 1996 in Arlon, lives and works in Brussels) creates fantastic forms in which the monstrous comes to life by breaking into everyday life, with forays into the fields of design and fashion. The body is portrayed in its possibilities of transformation, giving life to chimeras between human and animal.

The subjects of the works of Carlos Hache (born in 1990 in Madrid, where he lives and works) are the human being and nature, represented through the simplicity of the primary colors and the graphic essentiality of the lines. In his works, Hache outlines a space with a calm and peaceful atmosphere, in which different human figures coexist, adapting and relating with love and respect. His drawings are made on paper as well as on objects of different types, from environmental interventions to objects for the home.

In his paintings Bogdan Koshevoy (born in 1993 in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, lives and works in Venice) outlines fantastic landscapes dominated by buildings now abandoned and often in ruins, restored by the artist to their original splendor and inserted in naturalistic contexts animated by people who carry out enigmatic activities. The result is a parallel world in which different memories are added which, decontextualized from the original environment and painted with unreal colors, form scenes with hallucinatory tones.

Baroque and animalistic, the paintings of Margaux Laurens-Neel (born in 1997 on the Channel, lives and works in Paris) are characterized by a saturated space in which cats, flowers and female figures stand out. Between Pop art, Art brut and comics, the works of Margaux Laurens-Neel express vital impulses with an ironic and at the same time visceral approach.

Starting from a playful and ironic approach, the painting of Andrea Luzi (born in 1997 in Ancona, lives and works in Milan) is characterized by swirling signs that evoke animal, mechanical and vegetable suggestions. Originating in graffiti and urban wall stratification, Andrea Luzi's research combines references to contemporary popular culture, taken for example from the world of music and football, in a video game scenario that transforms them into sacred icons.

The works of Camilla Rocchi (born in 1998 in Milan, where she lives and works) are an invitation to look at every single form of reality from a different point of view, both natural and artificial, to grasp its manifest spiritual essence. Experimenting with different means of expression, her research unites matter and transcendence, opening a dialogue between different fields.

The practice of Andrea Samory (born in 1991 in Padua, lives and works in Tokyo) focuses on the relationship between biological matter and the idealized concept of nature. His research refers to a parallel reality in which beings are simultaneously virtual and real, natural and artificial, biological and mineral. In the latest works, the smooth capsules with iridescent colors look like alien forms that colonize the material they come into contact with, a reference to virality in both an organic and digital sense.

The research of Diego Soldà (born in 1981 in Arzignano, lives and works in Chiampo, Vicenza) focuses on the structure of the pictorial act which is modified to influence the result. The color is superimposed in copious layers revealed through different ways, which highlight the process of painting and the aesthetics of the material.

In the works of Dorotea Tocco (born in 1997 in Cagliari, lives and works in Milan) femininity is investigated by examining the perverse and the aberrant, normalizing them and depriving them of dogmas, in scenes that are described with bright colors, revealing intimate and private contexts in which the subjects show themselves in their vulnerability. The domestic environment becomes the scene of potentially equivocal situations, in which chaos reigns and where women, men and animals meet, merging and confusing.

Giving space to a kitsch aesthetic, dirt and eroticism, he creates a reality in which roles are recreated with the intention of overcoming moral conventions.