From January 18th to February 24th 2024

Opening: Thursday 18 January 2024 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Candy Snake Gallery

Candy Snake Gallery presents Love Themə, a solo exhibition by Ilaria Fasoli, born in 1992 in Venice, the city where she lives and works.

In this exhibition, the artist presents his most recent works, where he has organized some of his rhetorical figures by combining, among the subjects, the plots of an underlying meaning. The title, in which the double meaning already plays (“àmali” and “love theme”), intends to express the imperative to love the things that “ love” shows us and asks us to re-elaborate.

L’artista esplora il rimando emotivo del soggetto come emblema, che soggiace a forme reali e riconoscibili, sottoposte a un processo metaforico guidato dall’intuito che intensifica l’aspetto sensibile del contenuto caricandolo di una forte valenza sensuale.

In Ilaria Fasoli's works, something remains hidden and mysterious to be delivered to the viewer's imagination, recalling the mechanisms of desire and the dream world: the erotic gaze, evident and at the same time implied, the image that comes from the dark, the fantastic and the impossible.

The tactile rendering of the materials represented plays a central role in the visual experience, accentuated by the use of satin and trimmings on the edges of the paintings. The intense colors and fluid shapes of the subjects create a continuous movement of folds, waves, flames, glitters and reflections, capturing attention in a hypnotic vortex.

To the works on canvas are added the paintings on fabric made with lipstick and kisses on satin, imprints of the feeling of romantic love that accumulates in the clouds of a sunset sky. Alluding to abandonment, to passion, the sensual motif in shades of red contemplates the idea of a loving feeling on the line of a conflict between good and evil, pleasure and pain.

Love Themə reveals visions that speak of moods, rhetorical figures and visual inventions, giving a sensitive effect to the images. The physicality of the materials dialogues with the mental vision, impalpable like a dream, positioning each work in an enigmatic and seductive dimension.

From the rose and the fire to the ropes and the drapes, each element becomes a starting point for further interpretation, giving life to a personal semantic universe that expresses the depth of the inner world.

Among the main exhibitions, he has exhibited at: Fondazione Bevilaqua la Masa (Venice), Parma Film Festival (Parma), Museo Civico Palazzo Santi (Cascia, Perugia), Artes / ArtVerona (Verona) and A plus A Gallery (Venice). She was a finalist in the Francesco Fabbri, Prisma Art Prize, Premio Arte, Combat Prize and Premio Arte Marchionni prizes. Since 2018 you have activated a residency project in the labyrinth of the former Eni Colony with Progetto Borca (Borca di Cadore).