Naomi Gilon - François Patoue

From 27 October to 10 December 2022

Candy Snake Gallery

Candy Snake Gallery presents Beauty and the Beast , the third project created in pairs by Belgian artists Naomi Gilon and François Patoue. The two artists attended the same art school and have since been included together in various group exhibitions and residences, developing a relationship where there is no boundary between work and friendship. Over time their research has differentiated, but there is a unique relationship between the two practices. Naomi Gilon and François Patoue do not start from the same background or semantic area, or from the same forms and concepts, but the combination of these two personalities creates a balance and harmony in which every aspect of the works seems to be evident and accurate.

The two artists worked together on this exhibition as two musicians work on a concept album. They extracted details, shapes, atmospheres and references to create and build their own version of beauty and the beast.

Naomi Gilon , born in Arlon in 1996, lives and works in Brussels.

Focused on the idea of transformation of the body as a tool for the construction of social identity and on the experimental use of ceramics as a material that is both fragile and sensual, Naomi Gilon's research is in constant dialogue with the forms of popular culture, from the traditional ones of classical mythology to the most contemporary expressions of youth subcultures.

The reference imagery is linked to the human-animal hybridization typical of fantastic fiction, from speculative literature to horror cinema. In particular, the shapes of the hands or feet are typical of Naomi Gilon, which are transformed into paws with claws, an expression of animal aggression that is symbolically reintegrated.

Among the main exhibitions he has exhibited at: Galerie Fleur & Wouter (Amsterdam, Netherlands), Cdlt + Gallery (Liége, Belgium), Kunsthal Gent (Gent, Belgium), Superchief Gallery (New York, USA), Les Galeries Louise (Brussels, Belgium) , Subsidiary Projects (London, United Kingdom), Kingsgate Project Space (London, United Kingdom), Alice Gallery (Brussels, Belgium), Normaal Gallery (Brussels, Belgium), Diesel Project Space (Gent, Belgium), BAM (Mons, Belgium ), Like A Little Disaster (Polignano a Mare, Italy), Pavillon Baltard (Paris, France), Les Halles Saint Géry (Brussels, Belgium).

François Patoue , born in Paris in 1992, lives and works in Brussels.

His work is developed on the balance between two elements: the technique, through the deepening of the chemical properties of color and composition, and a romantic approach to painting, in which the dialogue between the artist and the pictorial space is represented by the action and reaction of each. The work is considered completed when the work takes on a form of epiphany. Before or after the completion of each work, a poem is written which then acts as a key to define its title.

Among the main exhibitions he has exhibited at: Piccalilli (London, United Kingdom), Secret spot (Paris, France), Stems (Paris, France), Lecocq (Brussels, Belgium), Steigeinberger wiltcher's (Brussels, Belgium), The Pole Gallery ( Paris, France), Fondation Thalie (Brussels, Belgium), Barbara Club (Brussels, Belgium), PAL Project (Paris, France), Galerie Edouard Escougnou (Paris, France), Superdutchess (New York, USA), Usine (Brussels, Belgium), HVW8 Berlin (Berlin, Germany), Sur 9 pieds (Brussels, Belgium), Studio Liedts (Brussels, Belgium), Galerie M (Toulouse, France), SHIPMENT (London, UK), Cdlt + (Liège, Belgium) , Luis LEU (Karlsruhe, Germany), Artinkk (Brussels, Belgium), Une collection (Paris, France), Attic (Brussels, Belgium), Snehta residency (Athens, Greece), The community Paris (Paris, France), Galerie Derouillon (Paris, France), HD Gallery (Brussels, Belgium).