From 14 September to 21 October 2023

Opening Thursday 14 September at 19.00

Candy Snake Gallery

Candy Snake Gallery presenta Tutta la vita in tuta, mostra personale di Pietro Di Corrado (nato nel 1995 a Comiso – Ragusa, vive e lavora a Milano).

Il progetto unisce una selezione di dipinti recenti e un’installazione pensata appositamente, mescolando riferimenti visivi tratti dal vissuto dell’artista, dalla cultura popolare e dalla storia dell’arte e del design.

To the existential condition of contemporary man, between the mirage of liberation from work and the constant drive to be performing, hyper-productive and competitive, the artist responds by recovering the innocence of an idealized childhood, in which the experience of reality is playful and community.

The overalls, ironically inserted by the artist in the title of the exhibition, refer both to rest at home and to manual work, becoming a symbol of the duality between the inner space and the social competition that leads us to work more than necessary. Even the tools of communication and expression of leisure time, such as social media, are easily transformed into arenas in which competition and the struggle for visibility lead to users' chronic fatigue. It therefore becomes essential to find a way to preserve yourself by creating your own spaces for rest and non-competitive expression.

The world outlined by Pietro Di Corrado expresses both a contemporaneity rich in visual stimuli that follow one another impetuously and another temporality, in which personal memories and affections emerge linked to a more intimate and rarefied dimension. In the artist's works the balance between these contrasts is obtained, characterized by chromatic and compositional harmony that is combined with a narrative levity oriented towards irony and divertissement.

An installation designed for the exhibition, made with simple bricks that create a more intimate area within the exhibition space, refers to the passion for architecture already present in the artist's childhood, when he visited construction sites with his father , dreaming of being able to build houses.

In the paintings, a spatiality that hybridizes several modes of representation of depth, from perspective to axonometry, is associated with flat backgrounds, leading to a stylization of reality that becomes metaphysics, a space of the mind in which memories, present perceptions and future aspirations. Architecture, figures and objects become abstract forms, sorts of magical symbols that lead to an alternative space-time in which the most diverse references can be intertwined.

In Pietro Di Corrado's works the fusion of contemporary and remote memory leads to the creation of a continuous, ironic, cultured, non-sense and strictly autobiographical storytelling.