Carlos Hache, Giulio Noccesi, Marco Sandreschi, Fabiano Vicentini

From 7 March to 10 April 2024

Inauguration: Thursday 7 March 2024 7.00pm – 9.30pm

Candy Snake Gallery

Candy Snake Gallery presents Playground, a collective exhibition that brings together the works of four young artists: Carlos Hache, Giulio Noccesi, Marco Sandreschi, Fabiano Vicentini. The works on display share an approach between the playful and the metaphysical, in which the stylization of the forms brings back a dimension that is both ironic and enigmatic.

The subjects of the works of Carlos Hache (born in 1990 in Madrid, where he lives and works) are the human being and nature, represented through the simplicity of primary colors and the graphic essentiality of the lines. In his works Hache outlines a space with a calm and peaceful atmosphere, in which human figures coexist, adapting and relating with love and respect. His production is characterized by a peculiar synthesis of forms, ranging from paintings on paper to ceramic sculptures.

The pictorial research of Giulio Noccesi (born in 1996 in Florence, lives and works in Turin) starts from the contrast between the serious legacy of pre-Renaissance Italian painting and the playfulness of illustration for children.

The need to combine play and solemnity leads to the distortion of the depicted forms and the insertion of surreal elements. Representations linked to everyday life blend with colors and visions belonging to play and fantasy, all with a pictorial language that seeks agreement between contrasting elements.

The works of Marco Sandreschi (born in 1996 in Lucca, lives and works in Florence) combine the typical style of illustration, minimal and stylized, with the tradition of landscape painting. Among the inspirations are the great medieval Flemish and Italian landscape painters, but also more recent artists such as Prampolini, Pericoli, Steinberg and Salvo. The artist's intent is to create new spaces that have narrative capacity. In other words, Sandreschi wants to realize the idea of a landscape that is far from reality, suspended and eternal, almost mysterious. The observer thus does not focus on a single subject but on the arrangement of multiple elements which all together communicate with each other. Space is therefore not represented but used to create an environment that holds all the elements together in a polycentrism where all subjects have the same size regardless of perspective.

In the artistic practice of Fabiano Vicentini (born in 1993 in Verona, lives and works in Venice), painting and drawing converge, merging into a single visual language. From different sources of inspiration, a fragmented narrative develops, where the subjects repeat, intertwine and mix, following unique rhythms and structures. In this context, the predominant themes are play and geometry. The images that emerge from this process manifest themselves through the pictorial material, touching the border between figurative and abstract representation. Overall, a space of free associations is created in which symbols, lines and volumetric shapes combine to build a language that lends itself to different interpretations.