Naomi Gilon (1996, born in Arlon, lives and works in Brussels) is one of the most interesting artists on an emerging international scene that is increasingly open to the contamination of visual art, fashion and design. Focusing on the idea of the transformation of the body as a tool for the construction of social identity and on the experimental use of ceramics as a material that is both fragile and sensual, Naomi Gilon's research is in constant dialogue with the forms of popular culture, from the traditional forms of classical mythology to the more contemporary expressions of youth subcultures.

Naomi Gilon's collaborations in recent years include fashion labels Marc Jacobs, with whom she reinvented some of the American fashion brand's iconic bags, and Han Kjøbenhavn, with whom she made a dress that went viral after being worn by actress Julia Fox at the Oscars 2022 party.

The reference imagery is linked to the human-animal hybridization typical of fantastic fiction, from speculative literature to horror cinema, in which the encounter of the human body with wild nature represents the recovery of underground energies linked to the collective unconscious. In particular, the shapes of the hands or feet that turn into paws with claws are typical of Naomi Gilon, an expression of an animal aggression that is symbolically reintegrated and tamed until it becomes attractive due to the sinuous shapes and captivating colors. thus obtaining a new harmony between civilization and instinct that passes through the sensuality of matter.

In Naomi Gilon's works, Gothic imagery meets post-internet fluidity in an ironic mash-up in which the fantastic dimension enters the everyday.